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Hello and welcome

I'm Rebecca. I design and create the work in this store.

I have a background in Fine Arts, Social Work - Youth Work, and Hairdressing. I have been making jewellery for most of my life. Creating this store reflects my love of jewellery design and crafting.


I believe, jewellery is not just adornment.

It is a celebration of your individuality, and an expression of your self worth, it elevates your mood and makes you feel beautiful. It has ties to cultural background and affiliation; and is a marker of historical periods and achievements down through the ages.

Given as a present it conveys your feelings of closeness and affection and your wish to make your special someone feel valued.

Jewellery has a power that is equal parts sparkly objects of beauty and desire; and pure sentimentality. This is why the world loves jewellery. 

I hope you enjoy my work.


We recycle. At home. At work. Your purchase from our store will arrive delightfully wrapped to give you, or your special someone, a lovely unwrapping experience. Everything we mail out to you, or deliver to you by hand, is recyclable or reusable.

store packaging
store business card and jewellery

Our jewellery is made from all new materials. The materials we work with are; glass, lead free and nickle free mixed metals, dyed and natural genuine freshwater pearls, glass and enamel charms and pendants, dyed and natural semi-precious gemstones, lad created gemstones, dyed coral, natural shell beads and pendants, polymer clay beads, ceramic beads, and sterling silver earring hooks. 

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pearl bracelet
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jewellery care

Look after your jewellery! Perfumes, makeup, makeup removers, hairspray, and other lotions can damage your jewellery. Over time your jewellery can appear dull and discolored. To avoid this please ensure you put on your jewellery last, in your dressing routine, and, store your jewellery in a clean, dry area (such as a jewellery box). If your jewellery becomes dull from body moisturizers and lotions over time, place your jewellery in a dish of warm soapy water and then lay out to dry on a clean towel, to bring back the sparkle. Remember; your jewellery will last only as long as the care you give it. Whilst stones and pearls are durable, they will dull over time if not treated with care.

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Sunset and Palm Trees